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Back to Foundations: Simulation of Positioning, to Inform Positioning

In today's blog we are going to take a deep dive into the simulation part of the Mechanical Assessment Tool (MAT). This is the third part of the...

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Let's EmPOWER.

With the upcoming release of our new Power Seat Function (PSF) Brochures, I thought there was no better time to reflect on my own clinical application of...

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Part 3: The fine line between a perfect script and an over script

In this third and final blog on navigating the fine line that is scripting a power wheelchair, I want to leave you with a couple of thoughts.

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Part 2: The fine line between a perfect script and an over script

In my last discussion we looked at how suspension impacts the ride comfort and stability of Power Wheel Chairs (PWCs), and the functional impact this can...

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Part 1: The fine line between a perfect script and an over script

This fine line, or the dance between scripting what is going to maximise your client’s function, mobility and positioning and what is deemed reasonable...

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How are those goals going?

After having the last word for 2021 I now find myself in the position of having the first say for 2022 – albeit a third of the way into the year…where...

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Why do we refer to the prescription of a wheelchair and who is the prescriber?

The use of terminology changes, from prescribing equipment to recommending equipment had a purposeful foundation in empowering participants of NDIS to...

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