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Custom or Configured Considering Choices

Custom and configured, are terms often used to differentiate types of wheelchairs. Sometimes this terminology is interchanged however there are important...

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Playful parenting: The importance of parent involvement from infant-hood and beyond

The 1st of June marked the ‘Global Day of Parents’ as recognised by the United Nations. It is a day to appreciate the critical role parents have for...

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An introduction to programming power wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs (PWCs) come in many shapes and sizes, from small foldable devices to standing devices. If you are newer to prescribing complex PWCs,...

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Inferior Foot Supports – Positioning for ROM

The inferior foot support (AKA the footplate) position and hanger length on a wheelchair is an often overlooked but crucial part of a seating system on...

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Delivery is not the end… Why training matters

Prescribing complex assistive technologies such as wheelchairs can be a long and stressful process for the therapist and the user. This may tempt...

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Scripting considerations for custom MWCs

When it comes to manual wheelchairs, one size does NOT fit all. In addition to all the possible configurations and customisations, some manufacturers have... Read More

2024 – Make it the year of implementing evidence-based practice

It is hard to believe that we are now into a new year, with many wondering what 2024 will bring! We hope you have had the opportunity for a safe and...

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AT considerations for scoliosis posture

The recent Oceania Seating Symposium was a great opportunity for those involved in seating and mobility to come together and share the latest evidence,...

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Putting the pressure on shear: What does it mean for pressure risk?

The 2023 Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is to be celebrated on Thursday, November 16, 2023, and in the spirit of this day, I wanted to tacklea...

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