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Everything we do is inspired by our customers, and in turn we’re proud to share our latest creations with you. Check this page for our new products, new innovations and other insight into what we’re doing to improve lives.

Putting the pressure on shear: What does it mean for pressure risk?

The 2023 Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is to be celebrated on Thursday, November 16, 2023, and in the spirit of this day, I wanted to tacklea...

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Seeking the gold standard of intervention – but working in the real world.

Throughout some of my recent education sessions, I have had many conversations with therapists where the conversations and questions have started with “ …...

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Scope of Practice

Displaying professionalism is an expectation across many disciplines, and typically included in some workplace Codes of Conduct. Some say that this is not...

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Artificial Intelligence in Assistive Technology

Artificial Intelligence is currently a topical conversation, with many holding strong viewpoints on how it will impact future tasks and roles.

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User Centred Approach

It’s been a while since I have written a blog, but for those of you that have been following our blogs for the last 5 years will remember when it was just...

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Roseanna Tegel joins the Permobil Clinical Services Team

Hello! I am Roseanna, the newest team member of the Clinical Services team based in Sydney, Australia and thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce...

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Where’s the AT for Those Expecting a Baby?

Assistive Technology has developed drastically, enabling end users to maximise their independence and achieve a multitude of goals. But what AT solutions...

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Supervision … How and Why?

Supervision. I think this word either excites clinicians or makes them want to run for the hills. In Australia particularly – and over the ditch too,...

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Clinical justification is based on sound clinical reasoning.

Sound clinical justification and rationale must be articulated when prescribing assistive technology – essentially, we need to demonstrate clinical...

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2022 In Review

At the end of every year, I think back to the year 2000. It was probably the first time I understood that one year ended and another began. The year 2000...

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