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Permobil X850

Bringing Adventure Back


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Bringing Adventure Back

Introducing the Permobil X850, our dedicated off-road power wheelchair brought back by popular demand. The X850 is designed to tackle a variety of terrain including paddocks, loose trails and even snow! Experience life off the beaten track.

Permobil X850

Corpus 3G Seating

Immerse yourself in our industry-leading Corpus 3G seating system with optional power seat functions including tilt, recline, elevate and seat rotation.


Maximum Stability

The Permobil X850 keeps you safe with an extendable wheelbase for maximum stability, while a front bumper and lights come as standard to protect the user and increase visibility. Stay the course even at high speed with front wheel power steering as you turn.

Permobil X850 Wheelbase Extention

Superior Suspension

Powerful rear wheel drive coupled with superior suspension improves performance and ride comfort when travelling off the beaten track.

Permobil X850 Suspension

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Actual driving range will vary based on driving and battery conditions. Specifications may vary based upon configuration.

Please refer to your owners manual for warnings and instructions for the safe operation of your wheelchair in a variety of driving conditions.